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Timeline Thursday-Blacks Among the Five Civilized Tribes

April 1828-Cherokee Law was enacted by National Council, prohibiting slaves from owning livestock. It provides for confiscation of their livestock after 12 months from date of enactment.

September 27, 1830-1833 - Choctaw Nation agreed to Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek; becoming first of the Five Civilized Tribes to begin removal to Indian Territory. By 1833 the majority of the Choctaw Nation had been relocated to their new home in southeastern Indian Territory (now the state of Oklahoma.)

Map of Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations
Don Martini, Who's Who Among Southeastern Indians 1698-1907
Fall and Winter -1833-1837 Creek Nation followers of McIntosh known as the lower Creeks emigrated on the Arkansas River near the mouth of the Verdigris in Indian Territory. The majority of the Creeks known as the Upper Creeks, followed their leader Opothleyaholo and located in the area known as Eufaula.

Fall and Winter 1837-1838Chickasaw Nation completed migration to new home in Western part of Choctaw domain the wealthy mixed bloods brought with them large numbers of black chattel slaves. The largest Chickasaw settlement in Choctaw Country was located on the Boggy and Blue rivers. The wealthier “half-breeds” settled near Fort Towson practicing large scale cotton farming and other products. Col. George Colbert had under cultivation anywhere from three to five hundred acres of cotton with the use of one hundred and fifty slaves.

August 1838 - The vast majority of surviving Cherokee arrived in the northeastern part of Indian Territory following many of the mixed blood affluent Cherokee’s who arrived earlier and settled on Honey Creek who embarked in merchandising, agriculture and raising live stock.

Map of Creek, Seminole & Cherokee Nations (Indian Territory)
Don Martini, Who's Who Among the Southeastern Indians 1698-1907

Winter 1841-March 1842 Chief Mikanopy of the Seminole Nation established a residence with his followers on Deep Fork other bands located themselves on the Arkansas River, Near Fort Gibson and the Little River at the western extreme of the Seminole Nation.

M234 Chickasaw Emigration Roll 242 Frame 134

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