Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today in History-Tulsa Race Riot May 31, 1921

Parts 1 and 2

Father of John Hope Franklin (Buck Colbert Franklin) was a Choctaw Freedman original Dawes enrollee, his mother Millie was considered to have Choctaw blood. Prior to her death, she was in the process of gathering affidavits from people who knew her and her parents to prove her Choctaw blood.

Images from Greenwood District Tulsa, Oklahoma 2010 
All photos copyrighted 2011 by Terry Ligon

I would be interested to know how many people have read Buck Colbert Franklin's book, "My Life and an Era?" It could make a great group read for all those who research Indian Territory Freedmen. Not sure how you set up a group read but it could be fun, interesting and very informative, especially if you are a Choctaw or Chickasaw Freedmen descendant. Shoot me an email if you have an interest:

Put (My Life or B.C. Colbert) in the subject line

Storefront on Greenwood Street Tulsa, Oklahoma

Office of Dr. Wesley Jones 103 N Greenwood Ave. Destroyed 1921 Not Reopened

Storefronts on Greenwood Ave. Tulsa, OK. (New minor league baseball park in background.)

Commemorative plaques are placed along the avenue to indicate the businesses that formerly existed at these locations.As a result of the "Race Riot" in 1921, many businesses were destroyed; some rebuilt and reopened, many did not. Today the area is growing again only to serve the customer's of the new minor league baseball stadium constructed nearby. 

Dr. J.M. Key 103 1/2 N Greenwood Ave. Destroyed 1921 Reopened

Dixie Theater 120 N Greenwood Ave. Destroyed 1921

Bryant Building Historic Greenwood Business District

Royal Hotel 101 N. Greenwood Ave Destroyed & Rebuilt

Dr. R.T. Bridgewater 103 N. Greenwood Ave. Destroyed 1921 Reopened

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