Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

In memory of those men who have proceeded me as father's and those who are my contemporary fathers; Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a Dad!

We don't have to be perfect, in most cases we are flawed. However, the we are there when needed. I remember the day I fell and had a piece of glass go about a half inch into the heal of the palm of my hand. My father took his time and removed the glass and I was off again to break an arm, dislocate a finger or get an A in a class for which he paid me a whole five dollars. He wasn't perfect but he was there.

Warren G. Ligon Sr.

Mitchell L. Ligon

I never knew my grandfather Mitchell; he died in 1932 the stories I hear about him leaves no doubt about his flaws. However, he was a man of his time and I would still want to know him with those flaws for he was my father's father. 

Terry J. Ligon & Tre'

Well here I am trying to minimize my flaws and be a dad to a great son. I once heard it's not the parents that make the good child; it's the child that makes good parents. My son has taught me a great deal from day one, he is making me a "Good Dad!"

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