Thursday, June 9, 2011

Timeline Thursday-Blacks Among the Five Civilized Tribes 1880-1889

James A. Garfield 
1880-James Abram Garfield 1831-81; 20th U.S. President; elected in 1880 but assassinated after less than a year in office

1881 -  Garfield is assassinated; Chester A. Arthur becomes president; took office in 1881 after Garfield’s assassination

May 1881-The eastern philanthropists who by the Quaker Commissioners over see the interest of our one Indian neighbors have just made the important discovery that the Negroes are the only citizens of the U. S. who have by treaty a right to settle on the ceded lands in the territory and parties are now at work in earnest organizing colonies of colored men to colonize Oklahoma

May 1882-Governor B. F. Overton, of Chickasaw Nation has gone back to Washington to protest against the adoption of the Negroes in that nation.

1884 -  Grover Cleveland is elected president; first elected in 1884 after defeating James G. Blaine

Cherokee Advocate May 5, 1882 P3, C1
April 1884-A bill by J. F. McCurtain, Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation, to provide for the registration of the freedmen of the Nation, under the third article of the treaty of 1866, between the U. S. and the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations is given.

March 1886-The cause of the Cherokee freedmen which J. Milton Turner is representing, received a big boost. This bill is the response to the petition presented by Mr. Turner, asking restitution to the Cherokee freedmen of their share in the $300,000 from which they were debarred

April 1886-Governor Edmond McCurtain of the Choctaw Nation, issued his proclamation declaring all freedmen in his Nation who registered under the recent registration act of said Nation bona fide citizens of the same, and instructing them to vote in the future at all elections the same as Choctaws by blood or otherwise.

1888 -  Benjamin Harrison is elected president; grandson of ninth U.S. president, William Henry Harrison; defeated incumbent Grover Cleveland in 1888

June 1888-Mr. Dawes has introduced a bill in the Senate providing for the removal of the freedmen from the Chickasaw nation, to lands west of the ninety-sixth meridian

July 1889-J. Milton Turner has been paid one-half of the fee of $15,000 allowed for securing the passage of he Cherokee freedmen indemnity act for $75,000. The balance is held pending the investigation of Col. E. C. Boudinot’s claim for one-half the fee

December 1889-Negro families from near Kingfisher are returning to Topeka, Kansas. It is estimated that less than half of the original colonies will prove up on their claims.

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