Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Links to Cherokee Freedmen Articles in the News

The following links and articles concerning recent media outlets coverage of the Cherokee Freedmen citizenship issue.

The attention on this issue is unprecedented and deserves the attention of my readers who may not be aware of the various articles and news programs.

About ten years ago Marilyn Vann requested several individuals including yours truly to meet in Tulsa, Ok to discuss forming an organization of concerned historians, genealogist and Indian Territory Freedmen researchers; since that time there has not been this amount of attention and traction on this little known story.

Clearly there are different points of view on the topic of citizenship for the descendants of slaves own by the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee Creek and Seminole Nations.

The fact that it is now becoming known to a wider audience only goes to demonstrate the strength and moral imperative of this issue. It has also been a direct result of the determination of Marilyn Vann and others who have continued to research and write about the history of the Indian Territory Freedmen.

Links to the New York Times piece on the Cherokee Freedmen citizenship issue.

Define "Real Indians"

"It's About Ancestry"

A Weak Sovereign 

The Role of Blood Quantum

My Cherokee Identity

Slavery's Long Shadow

Why The Freedmen Fight

The True Meaning of Sovereignty

The link below is for a discussion to on air later today with Professor Tiya Miles at 3:00 ET
America's 2nd Largest Indian Tribe Expels Blacks

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