Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week in Indian Territory December 4-10

“How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!”
Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

Daily Ardmoreite Dec. 8, 1907
December 08, 1875
The Negro school house at Boggy Depot is to be rebuilt at Uncle Sam’s expense.

December 09, 1898
Eighteen Negroes in Logan County recently set out for Liberia, in Africa.

December 09, 1898
The fractional land in Texas, along the north line known as homestead strip, is now called the “Black Strip”, as it was set aside for the benefit of the Negro schools.

December 06, 1900
The Dawes Commission will return to Muskogee from Tahlequah, December 15, to begin enrollment of the Cherokee freedmen. It is the policy of the Cherokees to prevent as many freedmen from being enrolled as possible.

December 08, 1904
There is no such person in the Cherokee Nation as an adopted freedman citizen by blood. This important question was decided by the Assistant Attorney General in a test case, the decision having just been received by the Dawes Commission. 

The attorney general says that though the freedmen were adopted by the Cherokee Indians and these freedmen thus entitled to allotments they did not go so far as to include their wives and husbands. This decision will directly effect about…

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