Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Week in Indian Territory December 25-31

 “How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!” 
Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

December 31, 1905 p7c4
December 28, 1889
Negro families from near Kingfisher are returning to Topeka, Kansas. It is estimated that less than half of the original colonies will prove up on their claims.

December 25, 1891
An article given the history of Negro Creek and how it got its name.

December 29, 1893
There is not a colored man in Blackwell.

December 27, 1894
An article relative to the condition of the freedmen in the Choctaw and Cherokee tribes and what the Choctaw freedmen have to say about it.

December 31, 1897
The colored people of Edmond will celebrate their emancipation proclamation Saturday, January 01, further details given.

December 27, 1901
Muskogee: Seventy –five Negro women and babies have arrived from Alabama as a result of literature sent to them by colored people of the territory, picturing the possibilities of getting lands from the Indian tribes at their own terms. They will be followed by others.

December 31, 1902
Stigers, a well known white man was murdered in cold blood by a Negro, one more incident like it and there will be a race war that will wipe out the Negro population in Wagoner.

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