Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week in Indian Territory January 22 - 28

“How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!” Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

Indian Chieftain January 22, 1891 p2c1
January 24, 1889 – The location selected for the colored high school is at a point on the Illinois and Tahlequah Districts lines, twelve miles from Tahlequah and eight miles from Ft. Gibson.

January 22, 1891 – United States Census Cherokee nation, Creek nation, Whites Indians

January 20, 1900 – Clubs: Political club, South McAlester, OK; organization.

January 24, 1901 – Dawes Commission; Attorneys

January 24, 1901 – Miller Bill; Segregation Railroad Companies

January 24, 1901 – Embry Bill; Segregation, Schools

January 22, 1909 – Five Civilized Tribes, Legislation on allotment, Reimbursement

January 27, 1905 – Cherokee Indians; National Council; Citizenship Attorneys, Payments

Indian Chieftain January 22, 1891 p2c5
January 28, 1910 – Judgment for $606,936.08 was allowed by United States Court of Claims today in the cases brought 7 years ago by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations against the U.S., as renumeration (sic) for lands allotted to the Chickasaw freedmen.

January 25, 1923 – Okmulgee: Seeking greater opportunities in agricultural pursuits and greater social and civic freedom, 15 negro families numbering 100 persons have left Okmulgee for San Luis Potosi, in Mexico, where they will take up farm lands provided for them, in a new Negro farm colony that is being established near the Mexico city.

January 26, 1938Muskogee: Colored Veterans of America; Charters

January 25, 1900 – The colored people of South McAlester have formed a political club. They will be so organized as to secure full representation in territorial convention.

January 27, 1900 – Choctaw Railroad Company; Railroad employees

January 25, 1901 – Negroes are barriers to their own progress. The greatest stumbling blocks in their pathway towards the top are given.

January 27, 1830 – Slave Sale; Sheriff’s sale, chattel sale

January 25, 1895 – Indian Appropriation Bill; Amendments, Cherokee Strip Payments

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