Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Week in Indian Territory ~ March 04 – 10

“How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!” Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

March 04, 1886 – The cause of the Cherokee freedmen which J. Milton Turner is representing, received a big boost. This bill is the response to the petition presented by Mr. Turner, asking restitution to the Cherokee freedmen of their share in the $300,000 from which they were debarred because they were not Cherokee by blood

March 06, 1890 – There is an attempt by the Negroes throughout the U.S. to make Oklahoma a Negro state, occupied and governed by Negro people. Agritators (sic) are going about in different states persuading Negro immigration to Oklahoma. At present there are about 25,000 people there and 15,000 of them are Negroes. An attempt will be made to raise the member of the Negro population to forty thousand by the time the census is made

March 08, 1890Oklahoma population

March 05, 1891 – The Negro is asking for a great proportion of our tribal property and all the rights of Cherokee citizenship. These matters are properly in and are part of the political questions before the Cherokee citizens; therefore they are the lawful property of the Cherokee Alliance

Editors Note: It would appear the leaders of the Cherokee Nation having been "fearing" the loss of property and money to the descendants of their former slaves and this fear continues over one hundred years later. Cherokee Freedmen descendant better hunker down, the tribe seems determined not to adhere to the Treaty of 1866 or the United States Constitution.

March 07, 1891 – Immigration protest; The “Guthrie News”, advises against the large influx of Negroes to Logan County

March 01, 1895 – Blackwell prohibiting Negroes

March 04, 1897 – The payment of the Cherokee Freedmen began at Vinita, I. T. on the 23rd, each Freedman entitled to draw $168

March 05, 1897 – The Freedmen payment began at Hayden, I. T., Feb., 19, with Special Agent Dickson as paymaster. Several hundred thousand dollars will be turned loose at this payment and it is expected that 60 days, or nearly that, will be required to complete this work

March 01, 1900 – Forty-two Negro families will leave South McAlester for California.

March 05, 1903 – “The Richest People on Earth” relating to the material wealth of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians; and the case now pending in the Court of Claims of the United States which will settle whether or not the Chickasaw Freedmen will receive land under the Chickasaw U. S. Treaty of 1866.

 March 01, 1906 – Creek Nation: Freedmen, Minors land sale

March 02, 1906 – Enrollment: Young Men’s Republican Clubs; Tulsa

March 01, 1908 – Land Sale: Freedmen minor, Creek Nation

March 01, 1908 Guthrie, Feb. 29. Grafters, representing themselves as being interested in the prosecution of the “Jim Crow law”, are defrauding poor Negroes of hard earned money, which they claim will be used for that purpose.

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