Friday, May 11, 2012

This Week In Indian Territory May 06-May 12

“How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!” Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

May 06, 1876: There are now more than 300 colored voters in the Creek Nation who were once slaves in the tribe.

May 08, 1884: Chickasaw Indians; Treaty of 1866

May 08, 1890: Payments; Delaware Indians, Commissioner Wallace, Claude S. Shelton

May 07, 1896: The colored people of the territory are said to be in a most prosperous condition, despite all predictions to the contrary

May 07, 1896: The Freedmen Commission will hold a session at Vinita beginning June 2

May 07, 1903: The decision of the U. S. Supreme Court against the Chickasaw Freedmen to share in the lands of the Chickasaws is given

May 06, 1908: Racial Affairs; Legislation, Intermarriage law

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