Thursday, February 4, 2016

Address Comments to Fold3

Well since you asked; below is the link to Fold3 comments page. It has a drop down list that you can direct your comment, I chose General Feedback and left them this:
Greetings, I was glad to recently receive an email announcing you were offering some of your records free of charge as an effort to honor Black History Month. Upon entering your site I was hoping to have access to the Native American Collection because it has a tremendous importance and impact on researching my ancestors that were enslaved by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.

M 1186 Choctaw Freedman Card # 1422 Joe FREEMAN Former Slave Choctaw Nation b. 1829 
I can't tell you how disappointed I was to discover the Native American Collection was not part of the offering for the month of February honoring Black History Month. As a former subscriber I can attest to the importance of the Dawes Cards and their associated Packets for my research. 
M1301 Chickasaw Freedman Card #515 John TAYLOR b. 1842 former slave Chickasaw Nation
The relationship between African descended people and Native Americans is not a well-known history which is why I hope you would consider allowing access to these files as well because they have significance to "Black History" and could add new subscribers to your site.
M1186 Chickasaw by Blood Card # 1805 Joe and Dillard PERRY Landmark case to transfer African-Native people from Freedman Roll to the Choctaw or Chickasaw by blood roll. Over 1500 people sought to be properly placed on the blood roll.
It appears you have so many characters for your message but if you or anyone else is interested in leaving Fold3 a message by all means join the fray!

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