Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word Up Wednesday...

In 1909 the Senate received a report by an investigator on the affairs going on in Indian Territory. Joseph W. HOWELL presented more than one hundred pages in his report that is worthy of publication by itself. However space prohibits my placing all of the information which is vital to understanding the effects of the Dawes enrollment process on Indian Territory in general and especially on the so called Freedmen who were former slaves of the Five Slave Holding Tribes.

To illustrate a few of the issues undertaken by HOWELL, I am presenting just one page of that report pertaining to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen. If there is enough interest I will continue to bring excerpts from this valuable document.

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Senate Document 1139 (62nd Congress, 2nd Session) p136

What makes this page of the document important is part (f); it refers to the “Act of April 26, 1906” which would prohibit any name erroneously placed on the Freedmen roll from being transferred to the “by blood” roll. This act was the brainchild of Tams Bixby and the Five Slave Holding Tribes to minimize the land acquired by the African-Choctaw and African-Chickasaw from obtaining their full rights to the land and citizenship correctly based on their lineal descent from a “citizen by blood.”

Taken along with some other evidence that demonstrates these actions were deliberate and obstructionist, the Act of April 26, 1906 was a method to strip people of their due process and rights under laws that should have correctly awarded them three hundred and twenty acres of land too which they were legally entitled to before the enactment of this legislation.

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