Friday, July 23, 2010

Racism 2.0

I've been watching the fallout from the "Lies, Subterfuge and Video Tape" of the Shirley SHERROD episode and it dawned on me that aside from the television talk show host, the people trotted out to discuss the issue of "race" have for the most part been black, African American..........Negroes!

One must ask the obvious who else should be involved in this discussion?

Apparently the Obama administration and the people who advise him have not understood that it is not necessarily his responsibility ALONE to deal with issues of race. Why he got involved in the Henry Gates episode is beyond me. Why his administration bailed on Van Jones was disgraceful! Apparently they got what they needed with ACORN when he got elected that it was convenient to watch as this organization was destroyed by the same "Lies, Subterfuge and Video Tape" that has occurred in the Shirley SHERROD incident.

Perhaps what many people are concluding that this is a teachable moment should look to the issue of recruiting some new teachers?

I would also ask you to google Tim Wise and watch some of his videos pertaining to issues of race and privilege.

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