Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mighty Mo Rodgers...Happy As a Runaway Slave!

Mighty Mo Rodgers is a teacher, songwriter and historian with a "trickster's" personality. His music is delightful, funny but more importantly an educational experience.

I am so happy to have finally put a name on a song that has been in my head for more than two years with out knowing who wrote or sang it.

The message in this particular song hit home for me and as I now learn more about his music, philosophy and attitude, I am even more impressed with what this man has to offer; musically, spiritually and educationally!

To learn more about Mighty Mo Rodgers I have placed a link to his website and urge my readers to support him by purchasing a CD, write him a note and turn someone else on to this remarkably talented "trickster."

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