Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Chickasaw Fathers 1

Despite documentation that clearly illustrates numerous "African-Natives" were enrolled as "freedmen" the Chickasaw Nation remains silent about thousands of Chickasaws who are "Chickasaw by blood." Their exclusion was based on the antebellum custom of determining lineal descent according to an individual's mother only.

This practice by the Dawes Commission with the blessing of the Chickasaw Nation ignored established law that a person's genealogical descent included all of their ancestor's, male and female. 

Senate Document 5013 Vol. 2 p. 1500

The Dawes Commission and Department of the Interior either ignored or were ignorant of established law and used the excuse; "children followed the status of the mother" which allowed the Chickasaw Nation and Commission to violate the United States laws by classifying the children of Chickasaw men as freedmen.

"Descendants, as defined by Bouvier, vol. 1 p550, are those who have issued from an individual, including his children, grandchildren and their children to the remotest degree."

Today the descendant's of these men and women continue to be stigmatized by that decision and the Chickasaw Nation remains silent; why?

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