Monday, March 26, 2012

This Week in Indian Territory ~ March 25-31

“How much Negro wealth went into the building of Oklahoma?
It is only exceeded by the sweat, toil, and tears of … slaves’ free labor of more than 250 years!”
Buck Franklin COLBERT, “My Life and an Era”

Indian Chieftain March 29, 1900 p1c3
March 26, 1879 – Intruders in Cherokee Nation; Williams, Arthur; Duffee, Nathan

March 27, 1884 – (Congressman) Bennett; Legislation prohibiting intermarriage; whites

March 27, 1890 – the Negro question; correspondence; Cochran, Jesse; Scales, J. A.

March 29, 1895 – Cherokee/Delaware Indians; money rights decisions

March 30, 1905 – Editorial; City Council, School Board, Republican Party nominations; Willis, Mr. (Negro); Talliferio, C. T. (Negro).

March 31, 1905 – Legislation: Choctaw/Chickasaw Nations; Minors Enrollment

March 27, 1907 – Muskogee: Fight; United Socialist

March 28, 1907 – Surplus Lands: Freedmen, Creek Indians, Deeds

March 29, 1909 – Race Riot: Hickory Grounds; Negroes, Indians; Militia Sent

March 31, 1911 – About 90 families of Negroes from Okfuskee County have emigrated (sic) to Canada. The Negroes, many of them former teachers in the Old Indian Territory are leaving because of adverse Legislation. “Jim Crow” law and the voting law are the principal causes.
Muskogee Cimeter March 29, 1907 p1c2-3

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