Sunday, December 16, 2012

Descendants of slaves owned by Cherokees can sue chief for tribal membership

OKLAHOMA CITY — Descendants of slaves owned by members of the Cherokee Nation can sue the current chief in an attempt to restore their tribal memberships, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

How is it the resolution of a treaty that their ancestor's agreed to, which involved the human rights to citizenship of people that were enslaved by that nation's citizens; according to their laws constitute the issue being a plague on said nation?

The Five Slave Holding Tribes bought into the system of chattel slavery hook, line and sinker. It was that decision to behave in an uncivilized fashion that will not let this issue rest. If it is a "plague" clearly it is a self inflicted wound that apparently the majority of citizens in the nation today continue to ignore and regard as an issue outside of their purview.

It was the concerted effort of a former chief of the Cherokee Nation that continued the disregard for adhering to a treaty based on their history of enslaving black people. It is the responsibility of present day citizens of the Five Slave Holding Tribes to uphold the conditions of the treaty signed in 1866 and stop the charade of these "Indian Nations" advocating for "Indians only" as citizens.

The idea that this issue is not about the political construct of race is ignoring the facts. Even when you look at the fact the tribes with the help of the Dawes Commission ignored the fact that many so called freedmen possessed "Indian ancestry" and placed them on the so called freedmen roll.

Removing the Freedmen from the tribe was not a racially motivated decision, but one of a tribe’s sovereign ability to determine who is a citizen, Hembree said.“It’s not a race-based situation. It is an identity,” he said. “It’s not asking too much that in order to be a citizen of an Indian tribe, that you be Indian.“We believe that’s very important, and so did the Cherokee people, and we intend on representing their will in this case.”

This decision was emphatically based on having an ancestor who was considered to be of African descent just reinforced the idea that the decision was based on the antebellum notion of "one drop" race theory and not genealogical "science."

When officials today advocate that "Indians" only be citizens of "Indian Tribes" in regards to the Five Slave Holding Tribes, they ignore the fact that the Dawes rolls have included "Inter-married whites as citizens and their descendants as "Indians by blood."

The Dawes rolls as the basis for citizenship in the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Indian Tribes are flawed, have ignored the historical record that excluded thousands, THOUSANDS of people with Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and in some cases Seminole blood only continues the "plague" visited upon the descendants of the so called Indian Territory freedmen.

For these Five Slave Holding Tribes to continue to hide under the guise that "Indian Tribes" are for Indians only is not compatible to the facts or the history!